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Our Values, Mission, and Vision

Our Values, Mission, and Vision


Our Values

By God’s Grace through faith in Christ our Savior, We VALUE:

Meaningful Worship

Through Word and Sacrament our hearts interact and commune with the heart of God in meaningful worship experiences of traditional and contemporary forms filled with heart-moving music, Scripturally-inspired preaching, sacred prayers and many participants.

Christian Education

Young and old, we are students of God’s Word.  We seek opportunities, privately and in groups and classes, to sit at the feet of our Master and Savior as He instructs us for life here and in eternity.  Thus, everything we learn and do is shaped by His perspective as we grow spiritually closer to Him.    

Family-Friendly Fellowship

We love children and desire all ages to play, talk, eat, learn and work together as dearly loved children of God.  We desire an atmosphere and campus that portrays inclusiveness and friendliness.

Member Care

Brothers and sisters, pastors and people (teachers and students) in our congregational (and school) family help carry each other’s burdens and share each other’s joys.  Various and specialized ministries are organized to contact, visit, befriend, walk beside, love and support the members of our family throughout life’s journey.

Outreach to New People

As our Lord’s heart always goes out to others, so also our hearts reach out daily to bring the newness of His love to others in our community and beyond.

Grace Lutheran’s Heritage

As God gives much freedom in particular manners of His ministry, we are grateful for the manners of our Lutheran ancestors, particularly in this community.  Our tradition of strong leadership, commitment to excellence and forward thinking helps shape our future.


Our Mission

PURPOSE STATEMENT (Grace Lutheran Church Constitution Article II, Purpose)

The purpose of this congregation shall be to provide pastoral care for its members, to teach the Word of God and administer the Sacraments, to preserve the purity of doctrine, to exercise Christian love and fellowship, to provide for the training of the young, and to extend the Kingdom of God.


Our Vision

The vision cast during the month of October, 2015.

Grace for All Generations - Transparent Background

A warm fire burns in the heart of God for all people.  He desires every person to be restored to Himself through faith in His Son Jesus Christ and He continues carrying out His mission through people, generation to generation.

In the mid 1940’s, a group of Lutheran Christians began gathering in Winter Haven, Florida and formed Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church to continue God’s mission and extend His Kingdom.  For the last seventy years, Grace Lutheran Church and School has faithfully carried the light of God’s grace and ministered the warmth of His love in Word and Sacrament to the generations of East Polk County.  At this time, members of the congregation have been prayerfully kindling a new vision to better minister to today’s generations, so that the torch of God’s grace in Christ Jesus continues to be passed to future heirs.


Many young people in East Polk County have never left the area.  Others have gone away and returned to the Winter Haven community in order to begin and raise a family.  Numerous senior couples continue migrating to our neighborhoods and lakes to enjoy their retirement.  Jobs and family bring various generations of others into the community.

Recognizing that different generations appreciate different approaches, Grace Lutheran will utilize multiple methods to minister to multiple generations at the same time.  Varied leaders and ministries will target specific generations.  There will be inter-generational and cross-generational events for the whole church family to celebrate God’s grace together throughout the seasons, but there will also be satisfaction in the understanding that only parts of the family will meet together much of the time.


Like a torch bearing a consistent flame, Grace Lutheran will not pursue every method of ministry that flashes around, but will faithfully and steadily be current and competent in ministry for each generation.  As a regional church, grounded in the Word, the fervent fire of God’s Spirit will steadily burn in the hearts of His people with progressive embers for growth in future generations so that seventy years from now, there will still be a Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Winter Haven effectively ministering to the generations.

Spiritual growth for members and the whole church family will be continually kindled in the teachings of God’s Word and their daily applications.  The Lord’s Supper will remain a regular and primary connection point for communing with God and with one another.  Digital connections and online streaming opportunities will be sought for broader contacts with members and the community at large.


Grace Lutheran will seek multiple opportunities for family and friends of each generation to gather together for fellowship, support, encouragement, and fun.

A single flame left to its self may flicker and be extinguished, but when it is gathered with other flames, it burns more fervently and enduringly.  In an ever-increasing age of individualism, virtual and distanced communication, it is important for individuals of God’s family to also gather together for actual fellowship.  God designed life to be lived together and the true joys of life; love, grace, goodness, and faith, are best experienced when one is with others.

We seek to be a gathering church of family and friends learning from God’s Word how to live life together, deal with sin and disappointment, and receive strength from God’s Sacraments to practice love and forgiveness in fellowship with each other.  Ministries of Grace Lutheran will be designed to teach various relational skills and help family and friends and better enjoy life together. Not only around the Word and at the altar rail, but members will also gather at traditional tables, back yards and wireless keyboards. Gathered together, the fire of God’s people will continue to endure and grow.


Even as the fire of God’s Spirit burns bright within the walls of our church campus, Christ continually sends His people out into the community and to share the light of His grace with all.

Fewer people are coming to church and many today have misconceived or even negative views of the Christian church.  To help overcome misconceptions, we will go out and bring the Church to people in positive ways, wherever they are, serving neighbors and meeting needs in our community.  We will be patient and prayerful in evangelism, seeking to establish friendships and to offer a listening ear before sharing the Good News of Christ Jesus.  Believing the Christian Church is organic and faith in Christ is lived among people, we will focus on going out and being the Church in everyday life, not just coming to church.  We will be individual lights of God’s grace in our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, exercise clubs and wine bars.  We seek to join in with what God is already doing in the hearts of those He places us among, which is often simply being an attentive friend and a supportive citizen.

We also desire to be a going church together, doing as many things as possible as God’s church of people out in the community.  Together, we seek to partner with local missions, develop beneficial relationships, and give of ourselves so that Grace is known as a positive blessing to the Winter Haven community.

With the Spirit of Christ leading us in God’s mission, firmly grounded in His Word and Sacraments, gathering together for strength in relationships and graciously going out and serving, we will continue passing the torch of God’s grace to multiple generations.

There are 4 – G’s to this vision:
1) A church that ministers to multiple generations
2) A church grounded in God’s Word and Sacrament that will endure for generations
3) A church that is gathering together to strengthen relationships among the generations
4) A church that is going out, serving in everyday life and taking Christ to the generations