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Parenting Through the Phases

Parenting Through the Phases

Hey Parents!

Sometimes parenting is a joy and the most satisfying job in the world. And sometimes it feels like it’ll be a miracle if you get through it. You’re not alone, and Grace wants to walk alongside you in your parenting journey. 

Join Pastor Brendon and get connected with other parents who want to be the best moms and dads they can be and make the most of their time raising their children. Send the kids to Sunday School and join other parents in the Mary-Martha Room at 9:45 AM on Sunday mornings starting January 15. We’ll walk through a 6-week video series called “Parenting through the Phases” by ParentCue. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to raising kids, if you’re right in the thick of it, or if your kids are almost on their own - this series is a chance for you to gain skills and receive encouragement to make the most of your time parenting your kids.

When:      Sundays at 9:45; January 15 - Feb. 19 (6 weeks)

Where:     Mary-Martha Room

What:        Video series (Parenting Through the Phases by ParentCue) and group discussion led by Pastor Brendon


  • Walk alongside parents who want to be great parents and make the most of their time with their children.
  • Equip and encourage them with skills to be good stewards of the 18 years they have at home with each child.
  • Give parents opportunities to confess difficulties and struggles of parenthood and the paradox of wanting to “get it over with” and making the most of it.

Come, and let’s learn from the video series and from one another to better help us raise the next generation.