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Ongoing Weekly/Bi-Weekly Classes

LifeLight Series - Not currently meeting

Every Wednesday 10:00 AM - This Bible study is currently not meeting

Church Library

Janet Hostler


The Lutheran Difference Bible Study - by Concordia Publishing House

Every Tuesday 10:00 AM 

Mary-Martha Room

Martha Walker

“Are you filled with the Holy Spirit?”

“Sure...well, aren’t all Christians filled with the Holy Spirit?”

As Lutherans interact with other Christians, they often find themselves struggling to explain their beliefs and practices. Although many Lutherans have learned the “what” of the doctrines of the church, they do not always have a full scriptural foundation to share the “why.” When confronted with different doctrines, they cannot clearly state their faith, much less understand the differences.

Because of insecurities about explaining particular doctrines or practices, some Lutheran may avoid opportunities to share what they have learned from Christ and His Word. The Lutheran Difference Bible study series will identify how Lutherans differ from other Christians and show from the Bible why Lutherans differ. These studies will prepare Lutherans to share their faith and help non-Lutherans understand the Lutheran difference.


Friday Morning Bible Class - NOT MEETING IN SEPTEMBER!

1st & 3rd Friday 10:00 AM 

Mary-Martha Room

Rev. David Meyer


Men's Ministry - Attributes of Godly Men Series

1st & 3rd Tuesdays at noon w/lunch provided - Not currently meeting

Mary-Martha Room

Rev. Charles Reich