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Loved Sent Servant Event

Loved Sent 2020

Loved Sent Servant Event 2020

You are a beloved child of God! He has redeemed you by the blood of Jesus, adopted you through the waters of Baptism, and His Spirit leads you as His follower throughout your life upon this earth. That’s never going to change! So now what? What do we do as children of God? Well, it’s pretty simple. We now get to be the love of God to those around us! Jesus says, “As the Father has sent Me, so I am sending you.” (John 20:21) Jesus was sent to us to reveal God the Father to His creation and to rescue it from eternal death through His ministry, death, and resurrection. During Jesus’ time upon this earth, He served those around Him and cared for them as a manifestation of the love that God the Father has for them. Since we are followers of Jesus, He sends us out into our communities to do the same thing. We are to be His hands and feet to the people around us, manifesting His love for our neighbors.

That is our mission. To serve our neighbors in the name of Jesus who has sent us to care for the needs of those around us in love. Grace is offering a great opportunity to connect with Jesus on this mission. On February 15, from 8:30 AM to noon, crews of volunteers will disperse from Grace Lutheran Church into the community to share the love of Jesus by their service. So many organizations around our Winter Haven community are doing great things for people all around us; we want to serve with them and thus give back to them. Fifteen different locations around our community will host our volunteers as we work to help them in any way needed. Will you join us in this mission? Sign up outside the narthex before or after any worship service from now through Sunday, February 9, and then gather in Trinity Hall on Saturday, February 15, at 8:30 AM to be sent into the community to serve. Information containing the work to be done at each site is available at the sign-up table. Feel free to choose a specific site, or volunteer to be sent anywhere!

Your mission as a servant of Christ in your community is not an annual thing but is an ongoing part of your life as a child of God. This event is only meant to give you a taste and an introduction to the myriad of ways available for you to serve right here in Winter Haven. Following our Loved Sent Servant Event on February 15, please consider learning more about each of these worthy organizations and devoting some of your time and talents to them throughout the year. There are always people who need to receive the love of Jesus; you’re just the person to bring it to them! Happy serving!

Below is a listing of the sites where we will be serving, including site leaders, job descriptions and websites.

  1. Habitat for Humanity of East Polk County, Site Leader: Leah Welter, Job: Laying Sod, Website:
  1. Meals on Wheels, Site Leader: Linda Long, Job: Cleaning & Outdoor Work, Website: 
  1. Our Career Centered Academy, Site Leader: Laura Griffith, Job: Cleaning, Website: 
  1. The Mission, Site Leader: Dan Trinklein, Job: Make & Serving Breakfast & Yard Work, Website: 
  1. Top Buttons, Site Leader: Peggy Jo Griffin, Job: Sorting Clothes, Website: 
  1. Mulberry Migrant Camp, Site Leader: Ed Smith, Job: Outdoor Work & Painting 
  1. Anchor House, Site Leader: Vicar Brendon Moore, Job: Cleaning and Hauling Things to the City Dump, Website: 
  1. Life Choice Pregnancy Center, Site Leader: Dy Krueger, Job: Pressure Washing & Painting, Website: 
  1. Public Education Partnership, Site Leader: Linda Aceto, Job: Cleaning & Book Organization, Website: 
  1. Girls, Inc., Site Leader: Martha Martinez, Job: Cleaning, Website: 
  1. Haley Center, Site Leader: Rhonda Wise, Job: Cleaning, Website: 
  1. Hearts for Winter Haven, Site Leader: Lou Marinelli, Job: TBD, Website: 
  1. Doors to Change, Site Leader: Alan Baker, Job: Painting & Finishing, Website: 
  1. Grace Lutheran Church, Site Leader: Arlin Arbeiter, Job: Yard Work & Handyman Services 
  1. Denison Middle School, Site Leader: Deborah Pergande, Job: Campus Beautification