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Future Staffing

Future Staffing Steering Committee Update

Future Staffing Steering Committee has been in full meeting mode since October 13. Information was shared at the Town Hall Meeting and at the Voters' Assembly.

We are meeting on a regular basis  to study: 

  • Grace Church’s surrounding Community
  • Our Church members’ needs 
  • Our Church staff and school ministry needs 

The committee has recruited members to assist us with interviews of people in the community (friends and neighbors) and community leaders. A number of you have already been asked to help out. A people on the street sheet with four questions are available in the church office or on the website. Feel free to help us out. We want the responses back by Thanksgiving.   

A demographic study of our area of Winter Haven and the surrounding communities has been completed. We will be looking at those items that will affect our mission and ministry of Grace Lutheran. Staff interviews will take place in December. After the first of the year, more surveys, interviews, focus groups, and workshops will be coming in order for us to have a completed self-study to help us decide who God wants to send us working together with our Senior Pastor and members of our church and school ministerial staff.

Please prayerfully consider how you may contribute to this important process of determining how Grace Lutheran Church can prepare for our most effective ministry of:   

  1) What God Wants

  2) What the community needs

  3) What our church can do with God’s Gifts

One important way you can contribute to this process is by conducting "Person on the Street" interviews. Click on the link and print it out, complete it and return to the church by November 30. You may also find forms available at church. Thank you for your assistance!