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Future Staffing

Future Staffing Steering Committee Update

Interviews of people in the community, including friends and neighbors, provided perspectives on the hopes and challenges of our community, as well as their knowledge of Grace Lutheran Church and what we look like to the community at large. Members of our church and school staff were also interviewed by our consultant, the Rev. Scott Gress. All the findings from these interviews will help determine which areas of ministry we need to examine more closely in our quest to secure the personnel necessary to serve others in our congregation, school, and the community most effectively.

In January, we will be having some focus groups, a congregational survey, and an asset analysis workshop on Saturday morning, January 11, 9-11 AM in Trinity Hall. All our welcome to attend as we identify and analyze our congregational assets.

It is our hope that by Saturday, February 8, we will have a workshop where our findings will be presented to the congregation. Please plan on attending these two events!