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Fine Arts School of Central Florida (FASCF)

Fine Arts School of Central Florida (FASCF)

FASCF was founded in 2007 to provide opportunities for equipping students of all ages in the arts.

Currently, private lessons on piano, guitar and various band instruments are offered through the instructional gifts of our FASCF Christian teachers. These lessons are provided at Grace Lutheran Church/School either after school hours or in some cases during the school day (pending classroom teacher approval). It is the goal of the Fine Arts School to inspire students to have a greater appreciation for the arts; and to equip them to use their God-given talents for the benefit of the local church, or career opportunities in music. More information can be obtained in the FASCF brochure available in the school office, or by contacting Stephanie Klemetson, Associate Director of Worship Arts at the school (863)293-9744, ext. 285. Click the link below to sign up online.

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Voice Lessons Now Available at Grace Through the Fine Arts School of Central Florida

We are happy to announce the addition of Laura Knowles to the FASCF faculty for the 22-23 season! Ms. Knowles, a Winter Haven native and graduate of Rollins College, is accepting students 4th grade through adult for 30-minute lessons during and after the school day.

Registration is open now through October 31. 

Sign up today!

Are Voice Lessons Right for Me?

Voice lessons are beneficial for beginners, professionals, and everything in between. Many skills learned in voice lessons can benefit other areas of your life as well. Voice lessons can help you:

  • Build confidence as a performer or public speaker
  • Prepare for a solo or group performance or audition
  • Learn to read music
  • Gain mastery in a variety of musical styles (classical, sacred, musical theater, and more)
  • Expand your vocal range
  • Sing with greater ease and better breath support

I already sing in a choir/with my worship band. Will voice lessons really benefit me?

1,000% YES! Voice lessons are not just for solo singers. Taking voice lessons in combination with ensemble participation will improve your musicianship by leaps and bounds, and will increase your abilities and enjoyment of singing in a group setting. 

I’m interested, but I still have questions.

Contact Stephanie Klemetson ( , Director of School Music and Worship Music Ministries, and administrator of the Fine Arts School of Central Florida, for more information or to get connected with Ms. Knowles about voice lessons.