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Sunday Bible Classes

Sunday Bible Classes

Trinity Hall Bible Study - 9:45 AM

Read Through the Bible A time of reflection and discussion of the past week’s readings of read-through-the Bible. Come ready to participate in this open format Bible study.

Led by Pastor Charles Reich

You can watch previous Bible studies on our YouTube page. Click on "Playlists." Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page!

You will also be able to watch our "How to Grace" videos, "Stuff from the Duff" videos, and past worship services! 


Luther Room Bible Study - 9:45 AM

The Case for a Creator - by Lee Strobel, the author of “The Case for Christ”. In this book, Strobel, a former atheist, looks at how science actually supports intelligent design and a Creator. Led by Dr. Threlkeld - Luther Room


July Sunday School


Miss Leah and Miss Casey will be offering Facebook Sunday school in July! We know families are busy traveling throughout the summer, but we don’t want to miss seeing you! Join us in person or virtually each week. If you are joining us in person, Sunday School will still meet in the youth room at 9:45AM. If you are joining us from afar, log on to the Grace WH Kid Min Facebook group at 9:45AM each Sunday. (If you aren’t already a member of the group, email Leah Welter at with your Facebook name and she will invite you to join the group!) 

Each week we will start Sunday school off with a live introduction and an interactive game. Following the live time, each lesson will include a teaching video and music video which will be uploaded to the Kid Min group before Sunday School begins. A weekly at home sheet will also be uploaded for parents to use. You can sing along to the music video and watch the teaching video following the live introduction or throughout the week. (Depending on your child’s attention span and your family’s schedule.)

July:  God has a Plan: We can TRUST God!